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Python Project List with Abstract and Source Code - 21/22

Python is the lucrative programming language. Python helps the user to perform various important task with efficient growth and the language increase the readability through the simple syntax of the code. It’s the most easiest programming language and mainly used for development. Python gives equal importance to both structured and object-oriented programs.  It allows the user to build their own apps, develop their websites for promoting their business, etc. Python delivers the user a clear-cut logic code that has code readability where it takes less time to run. The best thing is (Tkinter), One of the libraries in Python which gives the user a GUI (Graphical User Interface) with which that user can build many applications. These were some advantages of python let’s dive into its disadvantages the line-by-line code creates a slow execution process and takes a huge amount of memory. They are used for building apps other than web development. It’s been more than 30 years, but it recently got popularity among other programming language and for sure its popularity continues to grow. It’s the most simplest and versatile programming language as compared to other programming language because of its readability and the way we can easily access through any stuff.

We have selected quite interesting projects in Python and tried to explain each project in detail with step by step execution where every individual irrespective of their educational background can learn and execute this projects by themselves.

Project List with Step by Step execution

S.NoProject CodePython ProjectsActions
1TYTPY1001Decision review system : Third umpireDETAILS
2TYTPY1002Indian Railways Announcement Software Using Google TextDETAILS
3TYTPY1003Desktop Notifier App In PythonDETAILS
4TYTPY1004Temperature Converter Fahrenheit to Celsius using PythonDETAILS
5TYTPY1005Build a Website Connectivity Checker in PythonDETAILS
6TYTPY1006Create File Manager in Python using TkinterDETAILS
7TYTPY1007Create Python Command Line ApplicationDETAILS
8TYTPY1008Weather Program In PythonDETAILS
9TYTPY1009Number Guessing Project In PythonDETAILS
10TYTPY1010Typing Speed Test with Tkinter in PythonDETAILS
11TYTPY1011Tic-Tac-Toe game using pythonDETAILS
12TYTPY1012Roll The Dice Game For 2 Players PythonDETAILS
13TYTPY1013Making URL Shortener using PythonDETAILS
14TYTPY1014Text Steganography Project with Source CodeDETAILS
15TYTPY1015Personal Voice Assistant In PythonDETAILS
16TYTPY1016Price Comparison Extension In PythonDETAILS
17TYTPY1017Countdown Timer Using PythonDETAILS
18TYTPY1018Create a User Login Setup Using PythonDETAILS
19TYTPY1019Random Password Generator In PythonDETAILS
20TYTPY1020Web Scraping Bot Using PythonDETAILS
21TYTPY1021Real-Time Currency ConverterDETAILS
22TYTPY1022Simple Chatbot Using PythonDETAILS
23TYTPY1023Binary Search using PythonDETAILS
24TYTPY1024Minesweeper Using PythonDETAILS
25TYTPY1025Key Logger using PythonDETAILS
26TYTPY1026Image Rename & Resize Application Using PythonDETAILS
28TYTPY1028Days Calculator In PythonDETAILS
29TYTPY1029Rock Paper Scissors GameDETAILS
30TYTPY1030Creating a Digital Clock Using PythonDETAILS
31TYTPY1031Python Contact Book ProjectDETAILS
32TYTPY1032Space Invaders GameDETAILS
33TYTPY1033Mad Libs Generator PythonDETAILS
34TYTPY1034QR Code Generation Using PythonDETAILS
35TYTPY1035Modular Arithmetic CalculatorDETAILS
36TYTPY1036GUI Application for Calendar with Python Using TkinterDETAILS
37TYTPY1037Automate Excel Sheet With PythonDETAILS
38TYTPY1038Convert Image To A Pencil Sketch Using Python ProjectDETAILS
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