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OpenCV Project List with Abstract and Source Code - 21/22

S.NoProject CodeOpenCV ProjectsActions
1TYT/CV/1001Capturing the Number Plates of the Vehicles Using Opencv Harcascade files.CLICK HERE
2TYT/CV/1002Click the Image Smartly using OpencvCLICK HERE
3TYT/CV/1003Color Identification in an Image using OpenCV Haarcascade filesCLICK HERE
4TYT/CV/1004Counting People in Dense Crowds using OpencvCLICK HERE
5TYT/CV/1005Alert drowsy driver using openCVCLICK HERE
6TYT/CV/1006Hand tracking application with Virtual AI Keyboard Integrated with Text Editor using OpenCVCLICK HERE
7TYT/CV/1007How many People are there in an Image? Estimating it uisng OpencvCLICK HERE
8TYT/CV/10083D motion capture using OpenCVCLICK HERE
9TYT/CV/1009Detecting custom objects in an image using YOLO V3CLICK HERE
10TYT/CV/1010Recognizing the face of a person using YOLOV3 and Deep LearningCLICK HERE
11TYT/CV/1011Workers safety system using YOLOCLICK HERE
12TYT/CV/1012Vehicle counting and classification using YOLOCLICK HERE
13TYT/CV/1013Detect the Face and Eyes of a Person from an Image and in Real timeCLICK HERE
14TYT/CV/1014Face recognition based attendance systemCLICK HERE
15TYT/CV/1015Deep learning based dog breed identification using Convolutional Neural Networks with flask appCLICK HERE
16TYT/CV/1016Text extraction from image using Optical character recognitionCLICK HERE
17TYT/CV/1017Personalized workout and diet Recommendation system with ImagesCLICK HERE
18TYT/CV/1018Classifying the Brain Tumors using CNN with Front End FrameworkCLICK HERE
19TYT/CV/1019Classifying the type of Flowers using Convolutional Neural NetworksCLICK HERE
20TYT/CV/1020Detection of Retinal pigmentosa in paediatric age patients using CNN with Tkinter FrameworkCLICK HERE
21TYT/CV/1021Attendance management system using face_recogntion with django frameworkCLICK HERE
22TYT/CV/1022Transfer Learning Based Kidney Stone Prediction in Patients, using RESNET50CLICK HERE
23TYT/CV/1023Pot Hole Detection on the roads using Transfer Learning (Resnet 50)CLICK HERE
24TYT/CV/1024Detecting type of Disease on Patients with 7 diseases integrated using Deep LearningCLICK HERE
25TYT/CV/1025Hand Gesture Recognition Model using Deep LearningCLICK HERE
26TYT/CV/1026Using Transfer Learning, Producing Captions for the Images(Image Caption generator) with Front End Framework(Tkinter GUI)CLICK HERE
27TYT/CV/1027Fire and smoke detection using CNNCLICK HERE
28TYT/CV/1028Estimating the Artist given an Unknown PaintingsCLICK HERE
29TYT/CV/1029Identifying the lane the vehicle is travelling.CLICK HERE
30TYT/CV/1030Don't Break Traffic Rules(automatic Detection of Helmet and Number Plate extraction from videos or images)CLICK HERE
31TYT/CV/1031Building a Personal AI trainer for workout helpCLICK HERE

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