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Trending Natural Language Processing (NLP) Projects

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NLP Project List with Abstract and Source Code - 21/22

S.NoProject CodeNLP ProjectsAction
1TYTNLP1001Conversational Chatbot using ML and NLP with Front End FrameworkClick Here
2TYTNLP1002No More SQL(Quering using NLP and Deep Learning), Voice Based QueryingClick Here
3TYTNLP1003Resume Parser using Spacy NLP Library with Streamlit IntegratedClick Here
4TYTNLP1004Identify what expression a person is about to give using Natural Language ProcessingClick Here
5TYTNLP1005Sentiment Analysis of a people using Tweets made by user about AirlinesClick Here
6TYTNLP1006Converting words to numbers using gensim word2vec (amazon cell phone and accesories dataset)Click Here
7TYTNLP1007Converting words to numbers using gensim word2vec (sports and outdoors dataset)Click Here
8TYTNLP1008Fake News Classification using LSTMClick Here
9TYTNLP1009Toxic Comment Classification using Natural langauge ProcessingClick Here
10TYTNLP1010Rating a Review using Natural Language Processing and Machine LearningClick Here
11TYTNLP1011Movie Recommendation Engine with Streamlit Web FrameworkClick Here
12TYTNLP1012Building a Chatbot (Add intents as your wish)Click Here

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