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MATLAB Project List with Abstract and Source Code - 21/22

S.NoProject CodeMATLAB Projects 
1TYTMAT1001Automatic Attendace system based on DEEP LEARNINGCLICK HERE
2TYTMAT1002Face detection Using HOG AlgorithmCLICK HERE
3TYTMAT1003Path tracking of autonomous vehicle based on adaptive model predictive controlCLICK HERE
4TYTMAT1004Low light Image EnhancementCLICK HERE
5TYTMAT1005A Color Image Encryption Scheme Based on Arnold Scrambling and Quantum ChaoticCLICK HERE
6TYTMAT1006Linear Prediction based data Detection of convolutional coded DQPSK in SIMO-OFDMCLICK HERE
7TYTMAT1007Deregulation Analytics for security Assessment in IEEE 118 Bus system using Modular Power FlowCLICK HERE
8TYTMAT1008Number Plate detection in MATLABCLICK HERE
9TYTMAT1009Power system observability and optimal phaser measurement unit placementCLICK HERE
10TYTMAT1010Towards Automated safety vetting of PLC Code in Real-World PlantsCLICK HERE
11TYTMAT1011A Noble Approach of ACO Algorithm for WSNCLICK HERE
12TYTMAT1012Forward Error Correction (FEC)CLICK HERE
13TYTMAT1013Design and implementation light fidelity (Li-Fi) system to transmit imageCLICK HERE
14TYTMAT1014Quantized Massive MU-MIMO-OFDM UplinkCLICK HERE
15TYTMAT1015Performance Analysis for Downlink NOMA over Alpha-Mu Generalized Fading ChannelsCLICK HERE
16TYTMAT1016Secrecy Capative Analysis Over $\alpha-\mu $ Fading ChannelsCLICK HERE

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