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Solar PV Array Powered Air Cooling System by Boost Converter Fed High Performance BLDC Drive


In summer electric power utilization is more as compared to normal days due to usage of air cooling systems continuously and leads to heavy power utilization which further increases current bill so, to reduced power utilization from supply mains and current bill this project has been proposed.. A solar powered (PV array) DC-DC boost converter is proposed in the system for extraction of maximum power from the pv array. P&O algorithm is proposed in the system as MPPT technique for DC-DC boost converter. Pump and fan which are the main source for generating cooling in air cooling. Further, two Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are employed in the proposed air cooling system: to run a fan-blower and the other one to run the centrifugal water pump. The whole proposed system has been developed and simulated in the MATLAB-SIMULINK environment.

KeywordsPV array, MPPT technique, P&O algorithm, BLDC motor

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Code Description & Execution of Air Cooling System

Algorithm Description

Air Cooling System diagramatic representation

Solar PV Array Powered Air Cooling System by Boost Converter Fed High Performance BLDC Drive

The above block diagram represents the algorithm of the solar PV array powered air cooling system by boost converter fed high performance BLDC drive. PV array (photovoltaic) observes the energy from sunlight and produces power. The output power of the pv array is fed to DC-DC boost circuit, output power from the PV array is low and variable as per sun light available so, a dc-dc boost converter will increase i.e boost the voltage and current of pv array to our required level. Perturb and observe algorithm (P&O) Maximum power point algorithm is proposed to the DC-DC boost converter for extracting maximum. Boosted DC power is fed to two three phase voltage source inverters (VSI) and the output of the VSI is given to the BLDC motors which are coupled to the pump and fan blower respectively. Sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) method is used in Voltage source inverters for power conversion.

Model Description

Steps to Execute the Code

1. Download the zip file and unzip it

2. Open matlab and click on simulink icon on home tab

3. Click on open when the following window pops up

4. A window pops up from which select the required file and click on open

5. Once the file is opened, click on run which is in the simulate tab.

Result of Air Cooling System

1. Once the simulation is ready click on scope to view the results.

2. These are the results for this simulation. Each different scope has different output because their functionality is different.

simulation of air cooling system
air cooling system simulation 2
air cooling system simulation 3
air cooling system simulation 2

Issues Faced

1. The above model is designed and developed in MATLAB 2019b version and model runs in 2019b version of MATLAB above , if you run in other versions of MATLAB you will get error


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