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Robotics is a field that deals with creating, designing, manufacturing, and controlling robots. Robotics is found in every field of engineering. The main reason for developing robots is to make mankind’s work easier. There are many real-time applications which are used in our day-to-day lives, like a vacuum cleaner, cooking robot, spot welding, etc. Robots with AI and ML give accurate and precise results. Development and application of robotics will result in the elimination of a sizable number of the low-skilled manual tasks that are currently done by workers. Meanwhile, robots will be included in the newest technological advancements. Robotics is used in various fields like agriculture, where it increases productivity, and in the military to detect bombs, etc. The 4th industrial revolution is totally based on robotics.

Robotics Projects List : 2021-2022

S.NoProject CodeProject NameAction
1TYTROB1001Hand movement control robot using Flex SensorDETAILS
2TYTROB1002Smart vehicleDETAILS
3TYTROB1003Sun-tracking solar panel without a controllerDETAILS
4TYTROB1004Obstacle Avoid robotic vehicleDETAILS
5TYTROB1005Remote-controlled robotic VehicleDETAILS
6TYTROB1006Bluetooth controlled RobotDETAILS
7TYTROB1007Automatic Floor cleaner robotDETAILS
8TYTROB1008Bluetooth-controlled Irrigation RobotDETAILS
9TYTROB1009PCB Drilling machine using a Cartesian robotDETAILS
10TYTROB1010Light sensing Robotic VehicleDETAILS
11TYTROB1011Gesture control robotic VehicleDETAILS
12TYTROB1012Line following robot without controllerDETAILS
13TYTROB1013Obstacle-avoiding and sms alert Robotic VehicleDETAILS
14TYTROB1014Surveillance robot using GSM & GPSDETAILS
15TYTROB1015Fire-fighting robotic VehicleDETAILS
16TYTROB1016Sun-tracking solar panel with a controllerDETAILS
17TYTROB1017A Mobile Autonomous robotic ArmDETAILS
18TYTROB1018Swarm robotDETAILS
19TYTROB1019Smart irrigation robot with gsm alert systemDETAILS
20TYTROB1020Fruit picking robotDETAILS
21TYTROB1021Design of Intelligent Solar Tracker Robot for SurveillanceDETAILS
22TYTROB1022Smart security system access with intrusion detectionDETAILS
23TYTROB1023Autonomous Robotic Vacuum CleanerDETAILS
24TYTROB1024Implementation of Self-Balancing RobotDETAILS
25TYTROB1025GSM Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying RobotDETAILS
26TYTROB1026Robotic snake for Surveillance with Camera and SMS alertDETAILS

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Your ideas are implemented into reality. At each and every stage of the project development get the complete assistant from our technical developers. At TechieYan, we will provide you a platform where students can come and explore their innovative ideas and a complete setup is provided under our guidance. Besides, students who are looking to write and publish their paper in National / International Journal, we will help them to understand about paper writing skills and  guide them how to publish their paper/thesis.

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