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workshops for students

Why Workshops & Seminars?

As new technologies are emerging everyday there is a necessity for students to be enlighted with these technologies. Colleges & Corporates need to upscale the skills of the people to understand and help them to compete in this competitive world. TechieYan has conducted more than 100+ workshops for students and seminars on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics, IOT, PCB Designing and Embedded Systems. Students get an opportunity to learn and experience these technologies and be industry ready.

Our Specialized Domains

python workshops for students ( CSE )


Latest and advanced coding language to work with the trending technologies
AI workshops for students

Machine Learning & AI

Making machines to understand and perform like humans by using ML & AI
IoT projects

Internet of Things

Getting smarter everyday with this smart solutions connected through IOT

Robotics & Embedded Systems

A mixture of electronics, electrical, coding and mechanical
Embedded Systems Project

PCB Designing

Building mass functional products with a simple design software


Multi functional tool with advanced features to build and simulate real world challenges

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