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Internet of Things (IOT)

IoT refers to the internet of things where we connect the devices to the internet and control them through the cloud, exchanging data with other devices and systems through the internet. There are many real-time applications where IoT is being applied in our day-to-day life like smart cities, self-driving cars, and fitness bands. IoT enables remote device monitoring and even allows users to access real-time information about their devices from anywhere in the world. IoT is used in various fields, like hospitals to monitor 24/7 patient health, agriculture to monitor the growth of the crop, etc. The main reason why IoT is widely used is that it is economical, gives better output, and makes people’s lives easier.

IOT Project List : 2021-2022

S.NoProject CodeProject NameAction
1TYTIoT1001Smoke Detection and Alert System Using Esp8266DETAILS
2TYTIoT1002Esp8266 based Alcohol Detection and Alert SystemDETAILS
3TYTIoT1003Control home light using smart phoneDETAILS
4TYTIoT1004IoT based Street LightDETAILS
5TYTIoT1005IoT based Smart Attendance using RFIDDETAILS
6TYTIoT1006Body Temperature Monitoring and email alert systemDETAILS
7TYTIoT1007Fire Alarm System Using NodeMCUDETAILS
8TYTIoT1008Smart AC controller using NodeMCU via wifiDETAILS
9TYTIoT1009IoT based Plant Watering System and alert notificationDETAILS
10TYTIoT1010Detection of Water Flow and Email & Notification Alert system using NodeMCUDETAILS
11TYTIoT1011Automatic Room light controller using visitor counterDETAILS
12TYTIoT1012Smart Home Automation based on IoTDETAILS
13TYTIoT1013IoT Based Smart Parking System using NodeMCUDETAILS
14TYTIoT1014Voice Controlled Home Appliances using Esp8266DETAILS
15TYTIoT1015Humidity and Temperature Monitoing and Alert System based on IoT & getting data on ExcelDETAILS
16TYTIoT1016Pan Tilt Camera - 4dof wireless controlled pan tilt camera using ESP32CAMDETAILS
17TYTIoT1017IoT Based Home Security SystemDETAILS
18TYTIoT1018Smart weather monitoring using IoTDETAILS
19TYTIoT1019IoT based smart aggriculture system - to get the live status of health of the plantDETAILS
20TYTIoT1020IoT based smart safety system for women using NodeMCUDETAILS
21TYTIoT1021Air Quality and Water Quality Monitoring System Using NodeMCUDETAILS
22TYTIoT1022IoT Based Home Automation and Theif Alert Using Raspberrypi 3DETAILS
23TYTIoT1023IOT based Home Automation using ESP32DETAILS
24TYTIoT1024Face Detection Door Lock and Alert System Using RaspberryPi 4DETAILS
25TYTIoT1025Harmful Gas Leakage Detection and sms alert by GSM Using Raspberrypi 3DETAILS
26TYTIoT1026Internet of Things based Smart Door Bell Using RaspberryPi 3DETAILS
27TYTIoT1027Fingerprint based Attendance System Using NodeMCU and getting data on ExcelDETAILS
28TYTIoT1028Face Detection Attendance System Using RaspberryPi 4DETAILS
29TYTIoT1029Automatic street light control based on pedestrian and vehicle visitDETAILS
30TYTIoT1030Pan Tilt Camera - 6dof wireless controlled pan tilt camera using ESP32CAMDETAILS

IoT Projects For ECE

Internet of Things (IOT) IoT refers to the internet of things where we connect the devices to the internet and control them through the cloud,

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