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Searching for interesting projects? Would you like to Implement your ideas into project? Then you’re at the right place. We provide all the mini and major project support related to embedded systems.  TechieYan is highly recommended to get your project work done. Vlsi projects in Hyderabad.  We have an experienced technical team who will support you throughout the process. We will be training you on the project development from scratch. 

Any unique ideas can be implemented under our guidance. Also the report and paper publications service is provided. We have delivered more than 500+ Vlsi projects and the results were highly satisfactory. Diploma /Btech /BE /Mtech /ME /MS students can get complete project support along with the project training certification. 

We have 100+ videos innovative projects posted on YouTube with a detailed information.  Click below to have a look

Vlsi Project List : 2019-2022

An innovative development and integration of Fast-tag technology into vehicles revolutionizing toll payment systems

Creation and application of an underground cable fault distance locator for accurate identification of cable faults

Design and implementation of a vehicle speed detection and over-speed control system for enhanced road safety and regulation

Development of an elderly fall detection and alert system utilizing advanced sensors and notification technology for rapid assistance and improved elderly care.

Creation of an automatic street light control system responsive to pedestrian and vehicle presence for enhanced safety and energy-efficient urban lighting.

Development of an Arduino-based metro train system integrating RFID technology for efficient passenger management and secure access control.

Creation of a smart helmet integrated with a GSM module for real-time communication, safety alerts, and enhanced connectivity for diverse applications.

Design and implementation of a voice-operated intelligent elevator system leveraging Arduino microcontroller technology for hands-free and user-friendly vertical transportation.

Implementation of an embedded surveillance system employing PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor technology for motion detection and enhanced security monitoring.

Development of a highly secure smart card system for banking, integrating cutting-edge security measures for safe and efficient financial transactions.

Creation of a smart irrigation system powered by a microcontroller for efficient water management and automated control based on environmental conditions.

Implementation of a smart parking system integrating sensors and IoT technology for efficient space monitoring, reservation, and guidance.

Development of a secure, multifunctional RFID card enabling access to multiple bank accounts, incorporating robust encryption and authentication for enhanced financial convenience.

Creation of a smart protective suit embedded with tracking technology for enhanced safety and monitoring of military personnel in diverse operational environments.

Development of a smart security access system equipped with intrusion detection technology for comprehensive and proactive protection of secured areas.

Design and implementation of a mechanical ventilator system incorporating respiratory sensors for precise and responsive respiratory support in medical care.

Creation of an electronic voting machine using fingerprint recognition technology for secure and verifiable voting processes.

Development of a smart motorcycle with advanced safety features and collision prevention technology to mitigate and reduce the occurrence of accidents on the road.

Creation of an automatic room light controller employing a visitor counter for efficient and adaptive illumination based on occupancy.

Development of a smart vehicle equipped with accident alert systems and proactive avoidance technology to enhance on-road safety and prevent collisions.

Implementation of a home security system using solenoid technology integrated with RFID for efficient access control and robust protection.

Implementation of library automation through RFID technology for efficient book tracking, inventory management, and streamlined patron services.

Creation of an Arduino-powered object sorting machine employing sensors for color detection, enhancing automated sorting processes in various industries.

Development of a smart agriculture system integrating plant growth monitoring technology and automated irrigation for efficient crop management and optimized yields

“Implementation of an LPG leakage detector utilizing Arduino technology, equipped with SMS alert capabilities and sound alarms for immediate warning and safety measures.”


Creation of an automatic college bell system for scheduled class timing automation and precision in signaling breaks or transitions.

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