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Why Should you learn Machine learning and AI in 2022?

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To understand machine learning one has to understand AI because ML is a subset of AI.

AI means mimicking the human brain. it doesn’t mean that a machine can do everything that a human can do, some of the things that are impossible for a human brain to do such as reading a large amount of data within a few seconds is easy for a machine. likewise, a machine cannot bring a glass of water to a thirsty person on its own.

Future of Machine Learning in India

Machine learning is not limited to the IT sector. it is going to and has reached other various sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Automotive and most important Healthcare.

As there are numerous opportunities for ML around the world, India is also on track to become one of the greatest hubs of AI & ML. This means there are going to be thousands of job openings in 2022 itself. so, what should be the finest way to step into it.

Many recruiters have said that Indian tech professionals lack the required skills in various sectors. To become a skilled ML engineer, one has to master technical skills and should improve the soft skills.

Skills Required to Become a ML Engineer

  • Programming skills in Python or R
  • Good understanding of data structures and ML Algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of Software Engineering
  • Strong Mathematical skills
  • Data visualization & mining

Applications of Machine Learning

Due to various advancements in the last few years, machine learning is applied to various modern technologies. some of the main domains where ML is gaining popularity are

  1. Data Security
  2. Quantum computing
  3. Robotics
  4. Automotive Industry etc.

Risks in using AI and ML

There are few possible risks of implementing high-end technologies in Automation, mostly in Health care where the doctors will mostly rely on machine data neglecting their individual opinions on it because the machine calculations are more accurate. this can create a big issue when the machine faces an error or experiences any kind of bugs in it.

Future Scope

AI and ML have reached our lives and further, it is going to expand as automation can be seen in every other activity we do. no one neglects automation and they shouldn’t, as automation in one task will open another opportunity to learn a new skill.


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