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Simulink Projects List : 2021-2022

S.NoProject CodeSIMULINK Projects
1TYTSIM1001Implementation of PID controller with send -on-delta samplingDETAILS
2TYTSIM1002Analysis of Induction Motor speed control fed from three phase inverterDETAILS
3TYTSIM1003Design and Development of small Elecctric Vehicle Using MaTLAB/SimulinkDETAILS
4TYTSIM1004National Grid Connected 3-Phase Inverter based on Photovoltaic Solar SystemDETAILS
5TYTSIM1005Matlab/Simulink Modeling of Novel 5-Level & 7-Level Multi-level Inverter TopologiesDETAILS
6TYTSIM1006Grid Interactive Solar PV Based Water Pumping Using BLDC Motor DriveDETAILS
7TYTSIM1007Self driving with lane switchingDETAILS
8TYTSIM1008Boost Converter Fed High Performance BLDC
Drive for Solar PV Array Powered Air Cooling
9TYTSIM1009Smart Grid Technology with Co-generation of solar and wind powersDETAILS
10TYTSIM1010Speed Control of DC motor using PIDDETAILS
11TYTSIM1011Fuzzy logic based speed control of DC motorDETAILS
12TYTSIM1012PV array with MPPT TechineDETAILS
13TYTSIM1013Grid Connected PV array (250KW)DETAILS
14TYTSIM1014Grid connected Wind-Solar Co-generation using back to back Voltage source regulationDETAILS
15TYTSIM10159 level Transformer less Multi-stage InverterDETAILS
16TYTSIM101615 level Cascade Inverter without PVDETAILS

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Internet of Things (IOT) IoT refers to the internet of things where we connect the devices to the internet and control them through the cloud,

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Matlab Projects For ECE

MATLAB Project List with Abstract and Source Code – 21/22 Edit S.No Project Code MATLAB Projects Link 1 TYTMAT1001 Ant Colony Optimisation DETAILS 2 TYTMAT1002

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