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The main objective of this 9 level inverter project is to generate nine level AC voltage through nine-level inverters. Inverter is an electronic device used to convert direct current(DC) into alternative current(AC). Inverters can also be called AC drivers or variable frequency drivers(VFD). An inverter basically works just  opposite of a rectifier. They are used in solar systems, adjustable-speed ac motor drivers, UPS(uninterrupted power supplies), power transmission industry etc. a 9 level inverter generates high level voltage and current waveforms. Compared to single phase inverters, multilevel inverters produce smooth and accurate AC power.

example of nine level inverter

Code Description & Execution of 9 Level Inverter

Algorithm Description

Block diagram of PV system based nine level inverter

  • Temperature and irradiance are the input parameters given to the photovoltaic system.
  • The power generated through those input parameters in the PV system is given to a nine-stage cascade inverter.
  • Nine-stage cascade inverter has a PWM control strategy which is used to control the inverter and to generate the output power.
  • A DC power output is generated.

Model Description

Model description of 9 level inverter

The above diagram is the PV system based nine level inverter.

Note: SIMULINK files or codes are saved in .mdl  and .slx format.

Steps to Execute the Code

  1. Download the zip file and unzip it
  2. Open matlab and click on simulink icon on home tab
  1. Click on ‘open’ option and select the file’s location

4A window pops up from which select the required file and click on open

5.The required file will be opened. Click on ‘run’ option and once the simulation is ready double click on scope to view the results.

PV System based nine level inverter algorithm

Result of PV System based 9 Level Inverter

9 level inverter project results

Issues Faced

  • Errors might occur because of the matlab version difference, as this project is designed in R2019b. If any errors due to difference because of version difference kindly change the function accordingly.


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