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Indian Railways Announcement Software


The Railway announcement software system is used to make announcements about the trains at railway stations in multiple languages for the user’s convenience. In this project, we will be using google text to speech and other audio libraries. The main aim of the project is to generate announcements software related to trains, the information in the audio consists of the name of the train, train route, platform number, etc.

Indian Railways Announcement Software

Code Description & Execution

Before you execute

  1. Download and set ffmpeg software
  2. To download click here

1st step : 

The downloaded files must be copied to program files -> new folder -> paste here ->(copy address)-> goto step

Indian Railways Announcement Software

2nd step :

click on my pc-> right click-> properties -> advanced system settings-> environment variables -> path -> new ->  past copied address as shown below


Indian Railways Announcement Software

click on OK.

Restart your system

How to Execute?

So, before execution we have some pre-requisites that we need to download or install i.e., anaconda environment, python and a code editor. Anaconda: Anaconda is like a package of libraries and offers a great deal of information which allows a data engineer to create multiple environments and install required libraries easy and neat.

To check on how to install anaconda environment, set up jupyter notebook refer to this article. You can skip the article if you have knowledge of installing anaconda, setting up environment and installing requirements.txt

Install necessary libraries from requirements.txt file provided.

Indian Railways Announcement Software file
  • Go to the directory where your requirement.txt file is present.

e.g. :-  cd C:\Users\USER

  • Open anaconda prompt 
  • Type cd (space) : file location


Indian Railways Announcement Software
  • install the libraries from requirements.txt file .
  • if you face any error install them individually. Ex: pip install pandas.
  • run file as shown below.
Indian Railways Announcement Software command

Data Description

Data set used in this project are the audio files needed for announcements software  in railway stations .

You can download the associated files in the zip file in the code section of this article.

However there are only few announcements in the zip folder you can even extend it accordingly .



Indian Railways Announcement Software result
Indian Railways Announcement Software result

Issues Faced

  • Installing (pyaudio) library   solution: pip install pipwin

                Pip install pyaudio .

  • While setting ffmpeg in path.

By Mohammed Junaid

       [email protected]

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