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Decision review system : Third umpire


As many of us had played gully cricket in our childhood days and there were fights whenever there was a situation of run outs. So, here we have created a frontend application using Tkinter to help us go through frames one by one and help us decide whether the batsman is out or not out. We pass the video to the tkinter window, move through frames by clicking on the buttons and make the decision.

decision review

Code Description & Execution

How to Execute?


So, before execution we have some pre-requisites that we need to download or install i.e., anaconda environment, python and a code editor.

Anaconda: Anaconda is like a package of libraries and offers a great deal of information which allows a data engineer to create multiple environments and install required libraries easy and neat.

Refer to this link, if you are just starting and want to know how to install anaconda.

If you already have anaconda and want to check on how to create anaconda environment, refer to this article set up jupyter notebook. You can skip the article if you have knowledge of installing anaconda, setting up environment and installing requirements.txt


1. Install necessary libraries from requirements.txt file provided.

file execution

2. Go to the directory where your requirement.txt file is present.

CD<>. E.g, If my file is in d drive, then 

  1. CD D:
  2. CD D:\License-Plate-Recognition-main    #CHANGE PATH AS PER YOUR PROJECT, THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE

If your project is in c drive, you can ignore step 1 and go with step 2.

Eg. cd C:\Users\Hi\License-Plate-Recognition-main #CHANGE PATH AS PER YOUR PROJECT, THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE

command pomp
  • Open jupyter note book

               Note :  (jupyter notebook should be open to the place where files are stored . 

                In your case it may be in your downloads).

exection program
  • Select the folder used for downloading code files
program execution
  • Open .py file
Open .py file
  • Download python libraries from requirement. Example: pip install pillow (pillow is library name)
  • Run ipnb file
  • Make sure all the pictures and video are in the same folder as the .ipynb file is in .
  • You can use another video clip.
  • To change the clip replace the existing clip with yours

Don’t forget to change video file name in the code (as of now name is clip).


Data Description

 The dataset contains video clip of the player , on which basis it sets frames to show actual consequemce 


  • Press on out or not out
  • In this case he is not out .


program code

Issues Faced

  • While downloading libraries
  • Locating the folder in jupyter notebook
  • Placing images in windows

                                                                                                                                                                                                       By Mohammed Junaid

                                                                                                                                                                                                       [email protected]

Credits goes to code with harry,

Watching whom I am able to execute

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