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Mad Libs Generator Python


Mad libs generator is a fun activity that can be very interesting and twisty. The Aim of this project is to extend the Python libraries to implement Mad Libs Generator. There will be various interesting paragraphs that will stored in the program itself and other forms of files with data can be passed into it. This task requires us to first select an option among the given headings in the application of the program and then, according to their requirements, consumers have to deal with unique phrases such as nouns, adverbs, verbs, foods, adjectives, etc. Then the program will be able generate stories based on the input values selected or entered.

The project also involves in GUI to get most of its application experience and simplicity of running a program on a window. This is a beginner and intermediate Python activity that uses the basic ideas of Python and tkinter.

Text Steganography input images

Programming Methodology

The first step
to build a mad libs project is to import the required modules. In this project, we
import tkinter module.

Then we need to
import modules and libraries

Define function
for mad_libs_generators

On the display
window create buttons and labels

Code Description & Execution

How to Execute?


Step 1 :

You need to open the jupyter notebook in the path directory on the anaconda prompt shell.

In my case

GUI Application for Calendar execution code

         To perform the above step you already need to have knowledge of installing jupyter notebook and running anaconda shell, if you don’t know how to install or run jupyter notebook check our previous articles about it.

Step 2 :

Open   .ipynb file from the folder 


        Step 3 :


        Install required libraries using command pip install (library_name) for example

        Pip install tkinter.

   Required libraries are written in code please refer

Step 4:

Now you need to run each cell individually by run command or by using shortcut key shift+enter

        This part is crucial you need to wait for each cell to execute properly.




Clicked apple and apple

Clicked on the butterfly

Clicked on the Photographer

Issues you may face

  1.  While giving right path in the Anaconda prompt shell to open jupyter notebook in correct directory or opening the correct ipynp file.


All the required data has been provided over here. Please feel free to contact me for model weights and if you face any issues related mad libs program.

Yes, you now have more knowledge than yesterday, Keep Going.

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