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Deep Learning Project List with Abstract and Source Code - 21/22

S.NoProject CodeDL ProjectsAction
1TYTDL1004Classifying the Flowers of Iris Dataset using Deep Neural NetworksDETAILS
2TYTDL1005Predicting the lung cancer in patients by Deep Neural Networks using CT Scan ImagesDETAILS
3TYTDL1008Customer churn prediction on Financial Dataset using Artificial Neural NetworkDETAILS
4TYTDL1009How likely a person is about to make Bank Turnover, Estimating it uisng Artificial Neural Network.DETAILS
5TYTDL1010Deep learning based dog breed identification using Convolutional Neural Networks with flask appDETAILS
6TYTDL1012Classifying the Brain Tumors using CNN with Front End FrameworkDETAILS
7TYTDL1013Identifying type of music (genre) using deep learningDETAILS
8TYTDL1014Hand Written Digits Classification using Deep Neural Network.DETAILS
9TYTDL1015Nifty price movement prediction using LSTMDETAILS
10TYTDL1019Classifying the type of Flowers using Convolutional Neural NetworksDETAILS
11TYTDL1020Detection of Retinal pigmentosa in paediatric age patients using CNN with Tkinter FrameworkDETAILS
12TYTDL1022Transfer Learning Based Kidney Stone Prediction in Patients, using RESNET50DETAILS
13TYTDL1023Future Stock Trend Estimation using LSTM and Deployed on Streamlit ApplicationDETAILS
14TYTDL1024Covid 19 Pandemic Prediction using LSTM NetworkDETAILS
15TYTDL1025Identifying Defects in the Various Fabrics using Convolutional Neural NetworksDETAILS
16TYTDL1026Pot Hole Detection on the roads using Transfer Learning (Resnet 50)DETAILS
17TYTDL1028Hand Gesture Recognition Model using Deep LearningDETAILS
18TYTDL1031Deep Fake Video Detection using Deep Learning with Tkinter GUIDETAILS
19TYTDL1034Identifying the lane the vehicle is travelling.DETAILS

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