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M.TECH Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Projects

Want to learn and execute these projects? Searching for new project ideas? Here we go…. Find the interesting and mind boggling projects. TechieYan is highly recommended to get your project work done. Diploma /Btech /BE /Mtech /ME /MS students can get complete project support along with the project training certification

Machine Learning & AI Project List with Abstract and Source Code - 21/22

S.NoProject CodeML ProjectsAction
1TYTML1001Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction using M.L AlgorithmsClick Here
2TYTML1002Identifying the type of skin cancer using Machine learningClick Here
3TYTML1003Making a Machine to predict whether a person is affected which Heart Disease or Not.Click Here
4TYTML1004Predicting the trend of the house prices with United States housing data and Regression modelsClick Here
5TYTML1005Identifying weight category of person using Random ForestClick Here
6TYTML1006Credit card fraudulent detection using Machine Learning through financial data.Click Here
7TYTML1007Helping patients know whether they are diabetic or not using Machine LearningClick Here
8TYTML1008Heart Disease Prediction using Machine LearningClick Here
9TYTML1009Identifying male or female based on voice using XGBoost and MLClick Here
10TYTML1010Tic Tac Toe Game with AI Integrated and Front End FrameworkClick Here
11TYTML1011Road Transportation Analysis and Statistical modelling.Click Here
12TYTML1012Making the Data Balanced without any Bias to avoid Overfitting and making wrong predictions.Click Here
13TYTML1013Making Machine identify a covid affected person using supervised learning approachClick Here
14TYTML1014Score prediction of IPL team with flask appClick Here
15TYTML1015How does the Market Behave in future?Click Here
16TYTML1016Contact tracing of covid affected person using DBSCAN Clustering methodologyClick Here
17TYTML1017Tic Tac Toe Game with AI Integrated and Front End FrameworkClick Here
18TYTML1018Road Transportation Analysis and Statistical modelling.Click Here
19TYTML1019Network Severity detection at a specific location based on log data availableClick Here
20TYTML1020Personality Detection based on Hand Writing using Machine LearningClick Here

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