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Why do you need to learn Matlab?

Matlab is a proprietary multi-paradigm [procedural, array, functional, imperative] programming language and numeric computing. Nowadays, data science is currently the fastest-growing field in India. 

  Matlab stands for Matrix Laboratory, and IT is a multi-programming language. IT is a popular tool used everywhere, and scientists and development fields use it. Matlab is used to design control systems, power systems, and mathematical models; one can also write the code on mathematical equations by using Matlab.

+History of Matlab:

The first appearance of this Matlab was in 1970 by a mathematician named Cleve Moler. At the beginning of Matlab, this was not programming; there was no toolbox, no graphics; it was only used for the only mathematic calculations. After that, he met a programmer named “john N.little” and decided to reprogram the Matlab into C in 1980. The programming language in Matlab was created by JOHN LITTLE and STEVE BANGERT and developed the features for a toolbox. 

           Linear algebra programming in Matlab was developed in the year of 1967 with the help of “George Forsythe” and Matlab was initially released in the year of 1984. The idea of Matlab is based on the PhD. The thesis of Cleve Moler was in the 1960s, and finally, it was developed by Math Works.

Uses of Matlab in Our Daily Life:

Matlab programming language is specially designed for scientists and engineers. It is used to analyze the data and develop the algorithms, applications, and models that can also be created by using this Matlab.

Matlab is used for various industries and applications like biological science, communications, automotive, and energy productions Etc and It is designed for the following uses:

Image Processing:

Matlab is used for processing an image and making them ready for the computer version. The primary purpose of Matlab in this image processing is to analyze the images and generate the algorithms also.

Analytics Data:

The primary purpose of Matlab programming in data analytics is to generate an extensive data analytics system. It is used to gain insights by using the data, and that data can be achieved with the help of some tools and software.

Internet of Things:

The role of Matlab in the IoT [Internet of Things] is to develop applications like predictive maintenance, supervisory control, and optimization. The network of vehicles, home appliances, and many electronic embedded devices will help us exchange information by enabling the devices.


Connecting the two devices with wireless signals is the most common term. The purposed of Matlab in this field is to reduce the time of development, time of verification, and testing; it can also be diminished. It helps to eliminate the design problems.

Control System:

The purpose of Matlab in this control system is to give commands and manage the nature of other devices. The toolbox of the Matlab control system provides the applications and algorithms for designing the linear system and systematically analyzing it.


Matlab is a numeric computing and programming language invented by Cleve Moler in 1970 and developed by Math Works. After meeting john N.little in 1980, it became a programming language. It is used to analyze the data, image processing, control system Etc. Engineers and scientists mostly use it.


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