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Arduino IDE (Integrated development environment) is software that is used to dump the program into boards. Arduino- IDE’s major use is to build electronics-related projects. Arduino is an open-source platform simple and easy-to-understand platform for coding. 

To install Arduino-IDE, go to the website mentioned below and download the appropriate version according to operating system requirements.

Click here:

A new page appears, if you want donate then you can else click just download

The link below is for windows with 64-bit u can directly download it.

Click Here:

 Installation is a pretty easy process, just accept with the default permissions

  • Click I Agree to continue the installations
  • Click next to continue the process of installation
  • Select the location as per the requirement and click Install
  • As it is getting started with loading. After completing the loading part click Next to continue 
  • Once it is done with installation click finish
  • Now the screen appears where one can start to write the code

Now you are ready to go. Enjoy programming!!

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