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IoT - Internet of Things Course Details

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 Internet of Things-IOT is an interconnection of  devices over the internet, there will be a day when every device around us will speak and respond to each other without our intervention.

      Techieyan Technologies is working on home automation and industrial automation and we have successfully designed and developed optimal solutions for the same, here we are providing industry oriented training for internet of things projects

This course is for beginners who would like to start their career towards Machine Learning using python. This course provides knowledge on python coding, mathematics needed for machine learning, python frameworks, deep insights on ML algorithms, application of ML in industries and many more real-time projects.

Anyone can get started with this course with basic understanding of computer and simple mathematics


The course is designed by industry experts for beginners with basic computer knowledge. The course consisting of Python programming, mathematics needed for machine learning, machine learning algorithms, computer vision. The course consisting of multiple number of projects for each module.

Curriculum For This Course

  • Python getting started
  • Python level up
  • Python strings and lists
  • Python advanced
  • Basics of Mathematics
    Mathematics for ML
  • Need for Machine Learning
  • Types of Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Algorithm level 1
  • Machine Learning Algorithm level 2
  • Machine Learning Algorithm level 3
  • Machine Learning Algorithm level 4
  • Basics of computer vision
  • Advanced Computer Vision
  • Applications


  • The main aim of the course is to make any individual solve a real world issue using Machine Learning.
  • As the course includes python programming one do not need to have coding experience.
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