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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


      Artificial intelligence is the process of integrating human intelligence processes by machines, mainly by computer systems. Programs and Applications of AI always deal with special expert systems, Human language processing, Human voice analysing, Human speech recognition, and Computer machine vision. 

      Machine Learning plays an important role towards technology. Machine learning is one of the important modules of Artificial Intelligence where electronic systems or bots can learn from Data, identify patterns from the data or source which we provide, and make decisions with human presence.

This course is for beginners who would like to start their career towards Machine Learning using python. This course provides knowledge on python coding, mathematics needed for machine learning, python frameworks, deep insights on ML algorithms, application of ML in industries and many more real-time projects.

Anyone can get started with this course with basic understanding of computer and simple mathematics

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The course is designed by industry experts for beginners with basic computer knowledge. The course consisting of Python programming, mathematics needed for machine learning, machine learning algorithms, computer vision. The course consisting of multiple number of projects for each module.

Curriculum For This Course

This course includes

  1. Programming
  2. Introduction to Numpy and Pandas
  3. Machine Learning Process
  4. Integration of AI
  • Basics of python
  • External libraries(Numpy, SKlearn, Pytorch)
  • Pandas for wrangling
  • Visualization using Matplotli
  • Probability
  • Linear algebra
  • Calculus and optimization
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Image processing
  • Speech processing
  • Text processing


  • The main aim of the course is to make any individual solve a real world issue using Machine Learning.
  • As the course includes python programming one do not need to have coding experience.

About the Trainer

Trained thousands of students from past several years, I own a Ed-tech company where we not only train students also conducting multiple faculty development programs across the country. I have been working on innovative projects on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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